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and politically and so forth. >> it's very sad news i think for all the people in america. he did a lot for the people of massachusetts and the people in the u.s. so i always admire him and his work for the people. >> reporte arend we' w hearing more from senator key'ednns ed colleagues heer on capitol ll.e senator john kerry released a statement saying he taught us how toight, how to laugh, how tow reat eh other, and how to turn idealism into action. and in the last 14o months, he taught us much more aboutowlive, live life, sailing into the wind one last house speaker nancy pelosi wrote, senator kennedy had a grand vision for america and an unparaelliedbio a tty effect change. oted in his deep pit advertise many, his abing faith, and his stea g onam as h done more e than satenor knedy h to educate our children,ne care for our seniors, and ensure equality for all americans. and we're expecting to hear much more from his friends and colleagues as the day progresses. but certainly he left quite a mark here on capitol hill and around the country, a very sad day for many. back to yo
loans but are still under the thumb of america. bank of america, citigroup, aig, gm, chrysler all must submit plans on how much they're playing their top employees to president obama's pay czar. he has 60 days to review the proposal and has the authority to make changes to the pay packages if he deems them excessive. >>> toyota reportedly plans to launch a new hybrid as early as 2011. this is cheaper and more fuel efficient than the popular prius. car will be build using key parts from toyota's subcompact yaros model. will be sold in japan, priced at $15,600. considerably cheaper price point than that chevy volt that's supposed to be priced at $40,000. >> sizable, yeah. thanks very much, courtney. >>> you've heard of all you can eat. now jetblue is offering all you can fly. this air carrier's selling a monthly pass for $599. it gives customers unlimited flights to any of the airlines' 56 destinations in the u.s., caribbean and south america. the all you can jet pass can be used for travel between september 8th and october 8th. but you must sign up by august 21st. the d.c. area jetblue
is exploring america this weekend. barack obama and the first lady and their two daughters are heading out to visit national parks. they are going to make stops at the grand canyon and yellowstone. an they hope this will encourage people to travel to national parks. and he is expected to hold town hall meetings along the way. >>> let's find out what kind of weekend we are going to have in shington. let's go to chuck bell who will join nus a few minutes, and we will find out that i think we will have a fairly nice weekend, and maybe the possibility of rain. look at the day that we have out nssu.nehiht now. fsunshine. veha s wdroveha i ronth whe i wonder whether we are having the same kind of humidity than what we had in the week. >> i have not been out since we came in this morning. and i think chuck is about to tell us what we can expect from the weather. >> yeah, sunshine is coming out already. temperatures already now into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees across the area in washington. and our area picked up to 81. 77 degrees in annapolis, and nine in manassas and dale city. 77 in culpep
to change american politics and america. michelle frenzen begins the coverage from boston, massachusetts. reporter: they came by the thousands where kennedy's body lay in repose. and they waited in lines up to four hours long just to pay respect. >> it feels like everybody's favorite uncle. and that's what ted kennedy feels like to so many people. >> reporter: family members greeting the crowds, including the senator's widow, vicky, hugging and thanking them. >> we are so honored so many people came out to pay tribute to my husband. i just wanted to thank them. >> reporter: those that felt compelled to attend the farewell included many americans that were touched by the laws kennedy helped to pass. >> he was a voice for the poor. you know, the common person. >> average americans alongside leaders like the reverend jesse jackson. >> reporter: he saw america of a land of rights. he has always been there. >> reporter: the swell of mourners followed a day of mourning. a motorcade that journeyed from his home to boston, all along the 70-mile route, people lined the highways and streets that t
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call and online address to liberal activists organizing for america. that's his political organization based at the democratic national committee. the senate finance committee will also resume bipartisan talks today in an attempt to reach a compromise. >>> a physician's assistant is face sexual battery charges after two female patients accuse him of touching them inappropriately. fairfax county police say that jorge sanchez had been working at the chantilly specialists office in chantilly. the 49 yaerd hagerstown resident turned himself in to authorities yesterday. police say the alleged victims accuse him of assaulting them while he treated them. >> well, obviously, they felt that something unusual had happened to them there and they trusted their gut. they called the police, and we investigated and found that there had been wrongdoing. >> police fear that more women may have been assaulted but have not yet come forward. >>> the long debate over building a walmart near the civil war battlefield in virginia could be coming to a head. orange county planners will conduct a public hearing
is launched, cia playees could face criminal charges. >>> america's attention is on health care, but that's far from the only thing on the president's plate. brooke hart reports. >> reporter: president obama takes a time out in a tough summer. his health care drive is under fire in new tv ads. >> mr. president, when you go back to d.c., drophe government-run plan. >> reporter: he still backs government insurance as part of reform. >> yes, we are considering alternatives. now,iberal democrats who agree are weighing in using a special tactic in the senate. it would let them pass health care with the simple majority. republicans are gerting for battle. on another front for the president, afghanistan. results of last week's election, incumbent versus the challenge jury will be made tuesday. there are claims of vote rigging. that means new political trouble on top of security threats as u.s. forces enter a ninth year of war. >> afghanistan is vulnerable in terms of the taliban and extremists taking over again. >> the deficit threat gets attention tuesday with reports that the 10-year deficit w
her confirmation calling it a, quote, wonderful day for america. >>> with this historic vote, the senate has affirmed that judge sotomayor has the intellect, the temperament, the history, the integrity and the independence of mind toablebly serve on her nation's highest court. >> sotomayor will be sworn in tomorrow on live television, another first for the supreme court. >>> the popular cash for clunkers program has been refueled last night the senate joined the house in p a approvaling an additional $2 billion worth of funding. that bill now awaits president obama's signature. under the program, consumers can get up to $4500 in rebates if they swap out their gas guzzler for a new more fuel efficient car. the program's initial $1 billion ran out of money only after ten days. lawmakers expect this new funding to last through labor day. >>> new details this morning about two american journalists pardoned by north korea after an emotional reunion. laura is weak, exhausted and emotional. laura told her family she was treated humanely, but meals were meager and her phone calls wer
efficiencies. it's going to be for homeowners. we want to make sure the steel and appliances is made in america so that the economy benefits. after all this is supposed to be an american stimulus package. >> and the government wants you to know that unlike the cash for clufr clunkers program, for cars, you don't have to bring in the old appliances in order to get the rebate. jaie benson, news 4. >>> in sports news, michael vick will make his return to the nfl tonight. but before that, he has to show up in bankruptcy court. vick was expected to appear in court in new port news, virginia, this morning to seek a judge's approval of his plan to emerge from bankruptcy. according to a court filing, creditors who are owed a total of more than $20 million have endorsed vick's plan to pay them back. as soon as that's overwith, he'll travel to philadelphia where he'll play quarterback in a preseason game. animal rights activists are expected to show up at the game and protest his return. vick was released from federal custody on july 20th after serving 18 months in prison for his role in running a dog fi
just inspire you to get off the couch and get moving. one man is pedalling across america with a mission. meet david shuey. he has arthritis. that is not stopping him from making a solo bike country ride honoring his late mother. we caught up with him in virginia yesterday. >> i started riding a bicycle. the encouragement of a friend of mine because it's a low-impact sport but keeps the joints moving. i just got hooked. about two years ago i decided i would ride a bicycle across the country inonor of my mother who are also has spinal stenosis and spent the last 15 years in a wheelchair. she passed away the day before thanksgiving. >> he is trying to raise awareness and money for arthritis research. david started his journey in philadelphia. he is scheduled to complete his nearly 4,000 mile challenge in cape may, new jersey this sunday which happens to be his 60th birthday. >> excellent cause. >>> let's find out about stories in the work for news4 this afternoon. >> pat lawson is here with a preview. >> this first story, keith, is not four. coming up on news4 at 4:00. bikin
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10